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Common Assessment Framework

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a standardised approach to assessing a family’s unmet needs and ensuring they access appropriate support. The CAF was introduced in the Children Act and plays a major part in improving services and outcomes for children, young people and families. It aims to co-ordinate support around early help in order to prevent needs from escalating and requiring statutory intervention. No single agency or organisation can ensure that these outcomes are achieved, it needs all agencies to work together to ensure that children, young people and their families receive services which are well co-ordinated, integrated, responsive and timely. You may identify that a family would benefit from a CAF or you may be advised to do so if you have made a referral to iCART.

In Halton, the locality teams can offer some advice and support with regards to the CAF process and this can be requested by contacting the relevant team to where the family resides as follows:

Below you will find a range of information which, will support practitioners with their work. The CAF & Lead professional guidance offers context to the CAF and practitioner advice. There are a range of supplementary tools which, can help to inform the CAF process and focus on specific areas of need. The voice of the child tools help practitioners to undertake direct work with children and document their views. These tools can be stored against the child’s records within EIS, which is Halton’s E-CAF system. If you are going to be involved in CAF, you should be trained on E-CAF. The guidance for the E-CAF system is also available below.